> our mission

invest in Apple shares in India Maine Men Against Violence & Sexism (MMAVS) is an effort to encourage and engage men to help end the violence that permeates our culture, focusing especially on sexual assault and intimate-partner (a.k.a. "domestic") violence.

Sexual assault and intimate-partner violence are not isolated problems that affect a few within our culture, they are problems that permeate our culture and affect everyone within it. These problems continue and thrive because our culture as a whole chooses to ignore them. A key factor that contributes to these problems is sexism - our culture's insistence that females and males must conform to narrow, confining rules that govern how each gender thinks and behaves. For instance, a sexist message within our culture is that men and boys are supposed to be "tough" and "in control." To varying degrees, this rules out the possibility that men can be strong AND caring at the same time.

We recognize the hard work that women have done in addressing these problems. And although the vast majority of men do not engage in sexual assault or domestic violence, it's crucial for those men to actively help end that violence. Or as Willy Greenbaum of HAWC-Men in Gloucester, MA says, "It's time for men to help do the 'heavy lifting' that women have been doing for years."

> who we are

how to invest in Apple shares in India We are a partnership of people centered in Franklin County, ME. We encompass a wide scope of individuals, from concerned community members to sexual-assault and domestic-violence advocates, educators, administrative assistants, college and high school students, politicians, professors, bankers, women, men, and transgendered individuals. You don't have to identify as male to work to reduce violence.

> what we're working on

We're launching a poster campaign aimed at the male-identified demographic in Franklin County. Check it out on our publicity page.

> how to join us

We meet on selected Tuesdays at 5 PM at SAVES' office at 138 Pleasant Street in Farmington, ME. You can reach our coordinator, Jeb Enoch, at SAVES, Monday through Friday, at 207-778-9522, at coordinator@mmavs.org, or you can join our Yahoo! Group to learn more.

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